Address: 15 Temmuz Mah. (Evren Mah.)
Gülbahar Cad. No: 69 34212
Güneşli / Bağcılar / İSTANBUL

Phone: 0212 504 04 72
E-Mail: info@kimotekstil.com

Istanbul Headquarter

In the Istanbul Headquarter, where we have been serving since 2012, all the designs we have worked on so far are exhibited. Also, the sampling of the designs is carried out in the headquarter.

Our teams in the headquarter are responsible for marketing, foreign trade, finance, production planning, quality and assurance services.

The designs we produce are exhibited in Istanbul Headquarter.

Our model room and mould units are also located in the headquarter in Istanbul.

Barcelona Design Center

Opened in 2016, Barcelona Design Center has the feature of being our office where all designs are made.

All of our team of modellers, graphic and product designers have Inditex and Mango experiences in their career backgrounds.

Samples of the prepared designs are sent to our customers from the Barcelona Design Center.

Calle Valencia 248-2 BARCELONA
080007 / SPAIN

Isparta Üretim Merkezi

Isparta Production Center

In addition to being the largest garment factory in Isparta, it is one of the largest production factories in the region.

To facilitate the lives of our employees, there is a separate lodging area inside the complex.

Our factory uses the state of the art technology production track.

Address: Gönen Yol Kavşağı Gönen / ISPARTA

Phone: 0246 281 28 20
E-Mail: info@kimotekstil.com İğneler